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What you need to consider before cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery is becoming increasingly popular as technology improves, and more people see cosmetic change as a tool for self-improvement, heightening their appearance, and raising their self-esteem and confidence.

However, while surgery can achieve dramatic – and positive ‒ results, all procedures carry a risk, and it is important to understand what they are before continuing.

cosmetic surgery

All processes – from the simple to the more complex ‒ should be carried out by an experienced and qualified surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Beauty therapists, for example, are not generally permitted to carry out procedures such as Botox, despite its beauty connotation. This should instead be done by a professional medical clinic, which will also likely offer post-procedure care and a follow-up service to reduce the risk of infection and future problems.

Patients should also be aware that some procedures will also require “top-up surgery” to correct any initial issues or keep the effect – such as plumped-up lips – perfect permanently.

Similarly, all procedures (and follow-up needs) should be evaluated in terms of cost so that the patient will be able to pay without accruing unreasonable debt or other money issues. Patients should also ask about the recovery period, and understand when they will be able to return to work and their normal daily life.

That said, once the risks have been evaluated, there are a great many types of procedure from which to choose, all of which could transform the areas of your body that especially trouble you, and which affect your confidence and way of life.

These could mean the more well-known operations, such as breast enlargement or facelifts, but could also include practices that are a little simpler, such as wrinkle treatments or even laser eye surgery.

Many people might not consider laser eye surgery within the same bracket as cosmetic procedures, but it does indeed come under that definition, and is actually one of the safest, most painless, quickest, and best value procedures available today.

As with all cosmetic procedures, laser eye surgery should be considered for safety, cost, and suitability to the patient – with some conditions or injuries (such as glaucoma or rapidly changing eye prescriptions) reducing your suitability for the surgery.

A reputable clinic with experienced doctors, such as those at the Slade & Baker Vision Center, which offers Lasik treatment in Houston, should be happy to discuss patients’ needs and put their minds at ease.

Virtually painless, LASIK is a form of laser eye surgery. An acronym for laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis, it cuts a flap in the cornea and alters the problematic eye tissue before putting the corneal flap back in place, creating 20/20 vision. Done under local anesthetic, it generally offers very little risk of post-procedure problems, and can be done quickly under a variety of payment plans.

Overall, the risks of cosmetic surgery should be carefully considered. However, once these have been properly evaluated, there are ultimately many different and effective procedures and processes available.