Disposable blood pressure cuff
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What To Expect During Your Annual Health Checkup

Once a year, we recommend that everyone visit their doctor for a general health check. It’s especially important as we grow older and our bodies change with age. An annual health check will help spot any early signs of disease or underlying conditions. We’re all guilty of ignoring small niggles and health problems. For that reason, a quick checkup with the doctor is the best way to keep your body in good health. Nine times out of ten, you’ll walk away with a clean bill of health. You may also leave with a few wise words regarding your diet or lifestyle too.

Disposable blood pressure cuff

In the unlikely case that your doctor spots a problem, you’ll be pleased they found it early. Naturally, we’re all a little wary of the GP’s office. We’re all worried about bad news, and it’s easy to avoid the annual checkup. We’re here to set your mind at ease, and encourage you to make that appointment. If you’re nervous about the process, here’s a brief overview of what will happen.

Questions about diet and lifestyle – Before any tests or examinations take place, the doctor will ask you a few questions. They’re simply trying to get an understanding of your general health and lifestyle. They’ll ask questions about your diet, and make one or two recommendations. They’ll ask about any regular exercise, and they may help you make a plan to improve your fitness. They’ll also ask whether you smoke and they’ll enquire about your alcohol consumption. It’s crucial that you answer all these questions truthfully, so they can help improve your general health.

Blood pressure test – Many people suffer from high blood pressure. Unfortunately, without a blood pressure test, most of us wouldn’t even be aware of it! When your blood pressure is too high, it puts a strain on the heart. It has to work harder to pump the blood around the body. Over time, this can cause serious heart conditions. The doctor will inflate a cuff around your arm before taking the reading.

Cholesterol test – High cholesterol is another leading factor of heart disease and pulmonary conditions. Too much cholesterol builds up in our arteries, restricting the blood flow. The cholesterol test is one that worries many patients, because there is a small needle involved. But, don’t worry; medical supplies are always sourced from reputable sources like usamedicalsurgical.com. They are cleaned, disinfected, and disposed immediately. The test itself is a simple pinprick to the skin to draw a little blood. That blood is then tested for cholesterol and iron levels.

BMI – The doctor will also measure your BMI, or body mass index. It’s a quick test that tells the GP whether your are overweight, underweight or just right. It takes into account your height and weight before providing a final figure. Using this information, your doctor can advise a healthier diet or exercise routine.

Your doctor may also test for diabetes and a variety of other conditions. It all depends on your age, lifestyle, and patient history. Each health check is tailored to the individual patient. But, as a rough guide, this is what you can expect! Book your next checkup, and stay healthy!