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What Are The Main Causes Of Sports Injuries (& How You Can Prevent Them)

The truth is that with each and every sport, comes a risk of injury. Some sports, such as weightlifting, come with higher risks than activities like pilates. However, every sport comes with a risk of injury, and no matter how small that risk may be, it’s important to be aware of it.

The good news is that by determining what the main causes are of sports injuries, you can help to prevent them from occurring. Or, at least, in some cases, you can. Admittedly, there are some sports injuries that aren’t preventable, such as falls, for instance. However, many of the most common sports injuries are easily avoidable.

Main causes of sports injuries:

To work out how to prevent common sports injuries, it’s important to understand why they occur.

Repetitive movements. One of the most common causes of sports injuries is due to repetitive movements. If you do the same type of activity day in, day out, such as swimming, running or playing racket sports, you’re putting yourself at risk. This is because overuse of a certain part of your body can lead to various joint, bone, and muscle problems.

Twisting. Any sports that incorporate quick movements can lead to an ankle or knee being twisted, causing damage. Ankles are prone to ligament strains, for instance. While knees, shoulders, and elbows are prone to muscular tearing.

Not allowing your body to recover properly. The biggest mistake you can make when it comes to exercise is not allowing your body to recover properly after a workout. If you try and get back to exercising too quickly, your body will be at higher risk of injury as your muscles will be tired, and more prone to tearing.

Best ways to prevent yourself from getting hurt:

Now that we’ve discussed the most common causes of injuries, it’s time to look at how we can prevent them.

Don’t overwork yourself. As mentioned above, overworking your body can make you more prone to injuries. So, it’s important to have rest days where you allow your muscles and joints to rest, so that when you next workout, you’re in tip-top shape.

Know your body. It’s important to get to know your body. Note down the areas that are weakest, and do what you can to protect them from injury. Say, for example, your left knee is prone to twisting and has been injured before, wear a knee sleeve to help support it when you’re exercising. Copper wear products tend to be good, as they’re infused with copper technology, and offer high levels of support.

Always warm up. Last but not least, make sure to always warm up before working out. Many sports injuries occur simply because the muscles haven’t been properly warmed up. When you warm up, the body begins pumping more blood and oxygen to the muscles, ensuring that they’re ready for more vigorous activity.

So, there you have it, the main causes of sports injuries and how to prevent them from occurring. Take note, and hopefully, you’ll have an injury-free future when it comes to working out.