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The Healthiest Ways To Treat Damaged Teeth

Teeth are subject to the rigors of everyday life, and sometimes that can have a negative effect. The result is that teeth can become damaged and start to hurt. There aren’t too many things that are as painful as toothache or tooth related problems. The only option is to fix the problem, but obviously you want to find the healthiest solution. Dentists don’t always use the healthiest methods for your teeth when they make repairs, which is why you need to be aware of the alternatives.


A Biological Dentist

What on earth is a biological dentist? Quite simply, a biological dentist is a dentist who uses the most natural and organic methods to fix damaged teeth. For example, they don’t use crown amalgams as they are usually made from mercury, which is poisonous. And it requires them to dig out up to three-quarters of the tooth. Also, they won’t use anesthetics as nitrous oxide can cause side effects. When you go to a legitimate biological dentist, you know that their treatments are among the healthiest for your teeth and your body.

Laser Dentistry

Lasers don’t sound incredibly healthy, do they? It is easy to see why lasers would frighten a lot of people, but they are a healthy source of treatment with regards to dentistry. A laser can cut into the cut without minimal fuss or pain, unlike the fabled dentist’s drill! Plus, lasers are a lot more accurate, so patients keep more of their tooth structure. And, if you need any more persuading, lasers lower the chance of infection and the need for anesthetic and increase recovery times. Obviously, you may want more information because laser dentistry isn’t very well known in some circles. If that is the case, head to Ask DR Koval and take a look at WaterLase Laser Dentistry.

Natural Remedies

If the thought of biological dentists and lasers doesn’t sound right, you can always go down the natural route. Of course, natural remedies use organic ingredients to treat issues, so there is very little chance of further pain. Natural remedies are wide-ranging, but here are some that are pretty effective. Firstly, you can rub olive oil on the damaged area as olive oil can destroy unhealthy bacteria. Plus, it can also act as a numbing agent. Or, you can go with salt and warm water treatment instead. Salt sterilizes the area and also reduces the swelling. Whatever you do, don’t swallow the water. Salt water will make you vomit instantly.

Clean Your Teeth

The best way to repair damaged teeth is not to damage them in the first place. Yes, teeth are subject to harmful substances, but a thorough cleaning regime should negate most of the effects. You should always clean your teeth at least twice a day and experts also say you need to mouthwash and floss, too. By neglecting your oral hygiene, your teeth will suffer. And, when they suffer, they are very painful and hard to fix.

Hopefully, the above should help you solve any issues without causing further damage.