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Teleflex to Focus on Advanced Interventional Radiology Products at CIRSE

Teleflex Incorporated, a leading global provider of medical devices for critical care, urology and surgery, will showcase its Arrow brand interventional radiology portfolio at the Annual Meeting of the Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe (CIRSE) to be held in Glasgow, Scotland on September 13-17, 2014.

TeleflexDuring the event, the Company will highlight both the Arrow GPSCath Balloon Dilatation Catheter featuring innovative VisioValve™ technology over a 0.014 guidewire – now for BTK (below the knee), and the Arrow OnControl® Powered Bone Access System. In addition, the Company will also present highly kink-resistant sheath introducers, dialysis access products and angiographic diagnostic catheters. Complete coverage on Interllectual.

The GPSCath™ Catheter is a specialty two-in-one device that is intended for BTK allowing the physician to conduct angioplasty and inject fluid [targeted angiogram specifically at lesion site] while maintaining catheter and guidewire position. Below-the-knee interventions can be complex undertakings, requiring multiple devices, numerous procedural steps and significant procedural time. Arrow now offers a solution by combining multiple required features into one device.

The Arrow OnControl Powered Bone Access System offers the ability to effectively, safely and rapidly obtain superior bone samples. Our bone lesion biopsy needle is designed specifically for multiple bone biopsies from a single cortical penetration. Using Teleflex’s patented technology, the Arrow OnControl Powered Bone Access System provides interventional radiologists a faster, more reliable solution for accessing dense and hard-to-reach bone lesions.

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