Students Going To University
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Important Health Advice For Students Going To University

Moving away from home and going to university is a big step in your life. Becoming a student is fun, and it’s a world full of new things. When you leave for uni, you’ll be responsible for a lot of things, including your health. Here’s some advice to help students stay healthy at uni:

Students Going To University

Get Your Jabs Before You Go

If you’re preparing to leave for university then no doubt you have a lot on your plate. You’ve probably spent ages buying everything you need and packing all your stuff into boxes. But, you can’t forget to go to your GP and get some jabs. Doctors will offer free jabs to vaccinate you against certain diseases like meningitis. Also, you may be able to get a flu jab as well, just ask your doctor. Getting a flu jab would be a huge bonus because the flu will spread like wildfire when you’re off in uni.

Find Emergency Help

I highly recommend you find out where all the health clinics are around where you’ll be living. Most universities will offer a free clinic on your campus, but this may not help in some situations. You should look around for an after hours clinic in case you need emergency help. We all know that students like to party and stay out til the early hours of the morning. It’s possible you could end up drinking too much and hurting yourself/getting ill. Or, one of your friends could be in this predicament. My point is; you’ll need to find somewhere that’s open, outside of normal hours, to get medical attention. You should have a look on Google for the closest one to you and make a note of it on your phone somewhere. So, if an issue ever arises late at night, you can go and get seen to right away.

Be As Sanitary As Possible

It’s no surprise that germs can spread quickly on a university campus. Think about how many students are all going to be in the same place. There will be so much close contact with others, germs will inevitably spread. One thing you can do to fight against this is to be as sanitary as possible. Always wash your hands before and after every meal. I’d also recommend you do it after every lecture or seminar you go to. Carry around some antibacterial wipes or gel to cleanse your hands throughout the day. In fact, a lot of universities have antibacterial gel dispensers throughout the halls. You should also take great care of your room and make sure it’s as clean as possible. If you have to room with someone, try and get them to be clean too. A clean room will limit the amount of germs and bacteria that will grow.

Be Responsible

My final words of advice are to be responsible. This is mainly to do with your alcohol intake. There’s no hiding from it, most students will be drinking, but this doesn’t mean you have to. Don’t follow the crowd if you don’t want to, and only drink what you can. Getting drunk every night sounds fun, but it’s awful for your health.