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How To Shift Those Stubborn Pounds

Whether you have been dieting for a while or have recently started a new weight loss regime, sometimes it can be hard to shift weight.

You may regularly be  exercising and eating healthily, but whatever you do you just can’t seem to shift those pounds. Don’t worry, you are not alone.


If what you are doing is no longer working for you, it might be time to consider making some changes to your health regime.

Is your target weight too low?

Consider whether your weight loss goals might be too low for you. Perhaps you aren’t meant to weigh less than you already do – as long as you are healthy that is all that matters.

Don’t be tempted to eat too little

When the weight is refusing to budge, it can be tempting to cut back on the calories even more. But, it is important not to eat too little. Otherwise, you may send your body into a state of starvation where it will start storing fat to keep you alive.

While you shouldn’t reduce what you eat, think about what you are eating. Perhaps somewhere in your diet you are consuming hidden fat calories without realising it. For example, to reduce your hidden fat intake you could reduce your use of oil in cooking and on salads. Another way to reduce your hidden fat intake is to switch from full-fat cheese to low-fat or reduced fat cheese.

It is also a good idea to make sure you are measuring out your portion sizes. While you may have initially started your diet or health regime with small portions, over time the size of those portions may have grown. This could be what is causing you to struggle to shift those last few pounds.

Change it up

An excellent way, to burn off some extra calories, is to up your exercise regime. Every now and then it is important to shake up your fitness regime and change it up.

As your body becomes more efficient and starts burning fewer calories as you exercise. To burn more fat, you need to change the frequency, type, intensity level, or length of your exercise regime. This may mean adding on an extra 20 minutes to your workout or trying out a new type of exercise.

If you struggle to find ways to change your exercise regime, get in touch with denver diet counselling services or another fitness specialist. Speaking to a specialist may help you to change your fitness regime and get better results.

Be wary of drinks

Fruit juices, milky lattes, ready-made smoothies, and even diet sodas all have lots of calories in them. You might think that you are taking the healthy option by choosing a fruit juice or smoothie, but the reality is that pre-made drinks contain a lot of sugar and calories.

For healthy alternatives, try making your homemade fresh fruit smoothies and skinny coffees. You can even make your fresh fruit juices by investing in a juicer for your home.