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How To Publish And Promote New Medical Research

Medical research is essential to the advancement of the field. If doctors, nurses, and scientists did not publish their findings, the world would be a worse place. We’re going to explain the process of presenting and promoting medical findings today. Hopefully, that should encourage more professionals to come forward with their work. Also, it will help those of you who want to remain at the cutting edge of current understanding. We’ll let you know about the best people to contact if you have discovered something from which the world could benefit. With a bit of luck, that should help to improve the industry for everyone involved.


Write your findings into a single document

It’s important you create a package that contains all information people might require. That means you need to list everything concerning your discovery. The document should highlight how you made the findings, and the processes used. Time is of the essence, especially when it comes to serious information. Presuming you’ve discovered something new about smoking, you’ll want to act fast. You can then send that file to all relevant professionals in the world. So long as the information is accurate, you should receive a fantastic response. It is always best to hand the document over to industry experts before publishing it for the public.

Contact medical journals

Wherever you might live in the world, there are lots of medical journals. So, you should get in touch with them as soon as you have received some expert opinions. Make sure you send them the full document for publication. You should also send quotes from other professionals. That will help to give your findings some much-needed legitimacy. So long as you go about things in the right way, you could gain a lot of publicity.

Organize a conference

Conferences are often the best way to ensure everyone knows about your new information. If you’re certain your research is correct, you should organize an event. You can invite all the top professionals in the industry. It makes sense to ensure your event is entertaining too. That is why you should consider booking additional medical speakers. There are lots of agencies you can contact to make your selection. You just need people with the right expertise. Ideally, you want those who can bring something interesting to the table.

Get in touch with media companies

The next step is to get your findings mentioned in the press. Presuming you have discovered something important, TV shows might be interested too. You’re going to need an agent to help deal with all the correspondence. Again, there are lots of suitable experts around. You just need to search online for people who represent professionals in your industry. They might even get in touch with you if you’ve gained a lot of attention.

You now know the best ways of publishing and promoting new medical research. It is essential that you perform all those steps in the right order. The last thing you need is lots of publicity before other doctors have checked your findings. They might discover an error in your research that makes the whole document incorrect. You will look silly if you’ve already been on TV talking about the project.