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How to Make Your Home an Accommodating Environment for the Elderly

As the US population changes, more and more families are finding it necessary to adjust their home environment to make it more friendly for aging family members. Fortunately, there are a variety of resources available to individuals looking to do just this.


Older individuals are often on medications for diseases or bodily impairments they are experiencing. If these medications come in contact with heat or other environmental elements, injury or even death can result. Another common risk for the elderly is falling which can also result in bodily injury.

Halt the Hazards

Hazards can pose an extreme risk to the elderly. For example, a loose stair railing can cause unsteadiness which can result in falling. Carpet that is worn and ripples in certain places can be a tripping hazard. Icy walks, slippery floors or bath tub surfaces, electrical cords running across a bedroom floor, and poor lighting are all hazards.

It can be difficult to recognize these types of risks right away, especially if you are used to working around them and are extra careful. However, for an elderly person who is unfamiliar with the environment or has decreased mobility, these kinds of hazards are often an accident waiting to happen.

Step Up Safety

Take consideration to ramp up the level of safety in your home. When your elderly family members are well aware of fire escape routes and places to hide during an earthquake, they may be able to make smart decisions if these kinds of situations occur.

Making sure your home is well lit and has adequate light switches throughout can eliminate the dangers of tripping and falling due to lack of visibility. Other safety measures including alarms, well placed fire extinguishers, and carbon monoxide detectors can also be great ways to increase the level of safety in your home.

Simplify Daily Activities

Making everyday activities simpler and easier is an excellent way to make your home friendlier for the elderly. Put commonly used items in reachable places and have a step stool for hard to reach places. Make sure your elderly family member(s) have good socks that aren’t holey or slippery. These kinds of precautions can reduce accidents that may be preventable.

Other things you can do include renovating your bathroom spaces by adding non slip mats in the shower and bars to the toilet. Overall, adapting your home environment to be safer, more convenient, and hazardless can effectively reduce the outcome of avoidable accidents and injury.

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