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Early New Year’s Resolution: Why You Should Trade Cigarettes For Vaping Immediately

With just a few short weeks to go until 2017 arrives, millions of people will already be thinking about their to-do lists for next year. One of the most common items on the agenda will be to quit smoking.

Giving up entirely is immensely difficult. But even if you’ve tried and failed in the past, vaping can be the ideal solution. Rather than waiting until January, you should look to take the plunge today. Here are some of the most compelling reasons why.


See The Benefits Immediately

Life is short, and you’ll never get anywhere if you keep putting things off until tomorrow. The calendar shouldn’t dictate your movements, and starting today will let you reap the rewards straight away.

The first steps are often the hardest. However, it only takes a few weeks to adapt to a new habit. So you could be into the swing of things before the end of 2016. Given that the benefits of vaping compared to smoking are plentiful, this should offer huge motivation.

When January arrives, you’ll be ready to attack 2017 like a pro too.

Time To Adjust

Acclimatizing to the new habit isn’t simply about training your mind. As a cigarette smoker, you appreciate that you have your personal preferences. Vaping should be a unique experience too, and starting now will give you time to discover your favorite elements before 2017 arrives.

There are various types of vape mods available on the market. It may require a little trial and error. But finding the perfect solution for your needs and preferences will increase your enjoyment tenfold.

It’s far better to work these things out now. After all, if you start in January and aren’t enjoying it by February, you’ll give up. Stick with it from now until February, and you should have discovered your ideal setup.

Aid Other Resolutions

Let’s face it; quitting cigarettes is just one of several improvements you’re looking to make. But vaping can often help you with several of those additional tasks.

Take getting fit, for example. You’ll be far better equipped for HIIT workouts when you aren’t inhaling cigarette smoke on a daily basis. Likewise, ridding yourself of the addiction can leave you feeling more confident at work and in relationships.

Essentially, this is your gateway to the life you’ve always wanted. Getting a head start on the job now can only further boost your cause.

Help You Quit Altogether

Ultimately, your main goal is surely to end your dependence altogether. In the meantime, vaping can reduce the damage to your wallet and body. Eventually, though, it should help you kick any type of habit. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll achieve that goal.

Many vapers have found that this is their best option, especially when they’ve failed with outdated methods. Of course, you may find that hypnotherapy and similar ideas are still useful. Regarding your daily activities, though, this is the your greatest weapon.

If that doesn’t give you the incentive to change immediately, nothing will?