Clean Eating Edinburgh
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Best Places to Eat Clean if you visit Edinburgh

Clean eating is undoubtedly one of 2016’s hottest foodie trends. However, the definition often alludes us. You may have heard of it but what does it mean?

Simply put, clean eating is the choice to eat whole or ‘real’ foods; foods which have been minimally processed, refined or handled thus they are as close to their natural forms as possible before they arrive on your plate.

Clean Eating Edinburgh

Clean eating boasts numerous health benefits. Studies have shown that diets heavy in fruit and veg, as clean eating tends to be, can defend against life threatening illness such as high blood pressure, type two diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

As the 21st century young professional becomes ever more health conscious, the number of clean eating establishments dotted near city apartments blocks has grown.

To help you with your clean eating endeavours we have some of the best places to eat clean in Edinburgh.


  • Earthy


Location: Causewayside, Canonmills and Portobello

Favourite dish: Beetroot and squash fritters with smoked chipotle

Earthy is a blossoming empire with cafes and delis in three locations across Edinburgh. The produce sold in the shops and used in their food is organic, locally sourced and seasonal, meaning their produce an ever-changing yet equally exciting menu primed for clean eating. It also brings vegetarian and vegan eating to the fore being largely fruit and veg based.

Earthy are further invested in helping local suppliers with their shops promoting produced from local farms as well as fair trade goods. The bohemian decor will not be to everyone’s liking yet it fits in with the general approach to food adopted by Earthy. Overall a good stop on any occasion for the those experimenting with clean eating and the dedicated alike.

  • Union of Genius soup bar

Location: Forrest Road

Favourite dish: Parsnip, Pear and nutmeg soup

Branded ‘Scotland first soup café’, Union of Genius’ selection of six freshly made soups changes daily yet always include helpful vegan, gluten free and diary free options. Do not let the appearance of a slim selection deceive you, each one is alway equally delicious and as all are homemade they come with an added ‘feel good’ factor. What is also a nice surprise, is their addition of a breakfast option, certainly unexpected from a café dedicated to soup. Yet, Union of Genius are not just a café they have implemented multiple schemes to help their local community and the environment. All of their take away packaging is made from plant starch and their points rewards scheme gives free soup to customers who return with their packaging so it can be disposed of in a sustainable manner. Moreover they donate soup to the Bethany Care Van which provides Edinburgh’s homeless population with hot food. Scoring an impressive 4.5 on TripAdvisor, soup is always a good choice at Union of Genius.


  • Henderson’s of Edinburgh


Location: Hanover Street, Thistle Street and Holyrood Road

Favourite dish: Sweet Potato stuffed with feta, sun dried tomatoes, olives and samphire (with a vegan alternative)

Henderson’s has established itself as a longstanding tradition in Edinburgh since opening all the way back in 1963. It brought a meat free revolution to the city with has clearly stood the test of time. Its forward thinking means it has been a leader in vegetarian and vegan cuisine for years and is now primed for the clean eating revolution. With recent refurbishments in all of its establishments across the city, Henderson’s is certainly keeping up with the times. The menu

presents both vegetarian and vegan alternative to Scottish classics as well as tastes from further afield.

  • Urban Angel

Location: Hanover Street

Favourite dish: Kedgeree

Famed for their breakfast offerings, Urban Angel have expertly combined Scottish classics with clean eating, even offering vegetarian haggis on their breakfast menu. A must try is their homemade nut butter. Made with cashews, peanuts, almonds, pumpkin and sunflower seeds it adds to an already protein and mineral packed breakfast. Their locally sourced produce offers seasonal changes and freshness.  Urban Angel is just what is says on the tin: a contemporary bistro found in the heart of an historic city.


  • Hula Juice Bar


Location: West bow

Favourite dish: Acai superfood bowl with ginger, lemon and lime juice

Voted Edinburgh’s best cafe by the skinny food and drink survey, 2013, and ranked in Women’s Heath Magazine’s Britain’s Best Juice Bars list, Hula Juice Bar is more than it appears. Located within walking distance of the £35million Quartermile development of luxury apartments, Hula is primed for success as the area undergoes a massive revamp.

Offering not only juices and smoothies, but delicious food too, you are certainly in for a treat any day of the week. Hula Juice Bar takes clean eating in its stride. You can pick from a multitude of flavours for your juice or smoothie adding Siberian ginseng or guarana for energy or echinacea and orange peel powder for immune defense. Of course there are vegan and gluten free alternatives on offer. After scoring another impressive 4.5 on trip advisor, Hula Juice Bar’s reputation precedes it, and for this reason it has secured the top spot on out list of places to eat clean in Edinburgh.