Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle
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Advice for People Who Require a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

For wheelchair users, or those caring for them, planning a trip out can be extremely stressful. Although things are gradually improving, the fact is that accessibility is a huge problem and particularly when it comes to public transportation. This can make lengthy journeys especially hard to organise, but fortunately there is a terrific solution. This is to invest in a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV).

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

New Found Freedom

These fantastic cars can make entering and exiting the vehicle straightforward, there is enough room to stow the chair and other passengers and, in some cases, the wheelchair user can operate the car. This opens up an entirely new world and eradicates the stress of planning of trips out. There are all kinds of brilliantly designed WAVs on the market, with a type catered to different disabilities and circumstances.

Finding the Right Vehicle

For those that require a WAV, the first step is to find the vehicle that is best suited to your requirements. Small cars can usually seat four people and a wheelchair, have a lower floor and often use a ramp for access instead of a lift. The medium sized WAVs are ideal if you need to transport more people or additional equipment, plus they can seat up to seven people. If you regularly travel with many passengers, the large variation will be best and they are also ideal if you have a lot of equipment or a larger wheelchair. The larger WAVs tend to have a lift fitted for easy entry.


If you are having trouble identifying which WAV is best for you, it is worth drawing up a checklist of important aspects. This could include driving habits, which will be comprised of where you travel, how often you drive, activities (shopping, school run etc), where you park and how many people you travel with. You will then want to consider the size, where you should think about how big the wheelchair is and if there is additional equipment, as well as your height when seated and head clearance at the point of entry.

Travel Made Easy

For those that require a WAV, this should narrow your focus. You can then speak to a specialist to get a better idea of the type of vehicles that are available, and then take the vehicle for a test drive. Once you have found the perfect WAV which ticks all of the boxes, it will give you new found freedom and independence and make journeys simple and stress-free. Whether you are driving yourself or somebody else is, you no longer have to plan ahead or worry about using public transportation to reach your destination.