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A Guide to Perfectly Smooth, Healthy Skin

We’re always told we should love the skin we’re in, but that’s hard if it’s covered in imperfections. Smooth, bright skin is a sign of health, while rough, imperfect skin could signal illness. If you want to have the smoothest, most beautiful skin around, use some of these tips:

Use a Body Brush

Body brushing might feel strange at first, but it’s great for smooth skin and circulation. The idea is you use the brush on dry skin, moving in gentle circles towards the heart to encourage circulation. You can then hop in the shower to get rid of exfoliated cells and enjoy your new smooth skin! Doing this regularly should give you a lovely glow.


Exfoliation is important, especially if you don’t have a body brush. Exfoliate the face with a scrub made specially for the face so that it isn’t too harsh. You can use a rough scrub on the rest of your body, but don’t scrub until you’re red raw. Always wash beads off properly so you don’t scratch your face when moisturising.


Use a Rich Moisturiser

After exiting the shower, or whenever you feel you need it, you should use a rich moisturiser on the body. It’s wise to focus on areas that get really dry, such as the knees, elbows, hands, and feet. Use a lighter moisturiser on your face so that you don’t clog your pores. Using an SPF everyday is recommended too, as sun damage can occur even in cold weather!

See a Professional

If you have specific skin problems, you should see a professional. A vein clinic could help you to remove unsightly varicose veins, while a surgeon could remove any moles you don’t like. There are a number of skin conditions and professionals who are trained to sort them out. You don’t need to put up with your imperfections if they’re really bothering you.

Try Specialist Treatments

Specialist treatments are available over the counter that could help any issues you have. There are creams age spot creams, dark circle correctors, and more. Read reviews on these products before splashing out on them. It’s worth spending a little more if it’ll fix your problem, but not if it has had too many bad reviews. I never buy anything without reading a review first!

Just Love Yourself

You must understand that absolutely nobody focuses on your imperfections as much as you do. You’re the only one who sees them as if they are magnified. Try to look at yourself as one big, beautiful whole picture instead of pointing out the things you don’t like. Better yet, focus on the things you do like. Do you have a great set of legs? Amazing arms? Gorgeous eyes? Play those areas up and focus on them.

You only get one skin, so make sure you take care of it by using these tips. Wear protective clothing and stay out of the sun when it’s too hot. You’ll be glad in years to come when you look 20 years younger!