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4 Surprising Health Benefits Of Smoking Marijuana

It seems clear that the social perception of marijuana or cannabis is changing. While it used to be seen as a scourge on the earth, now it’s almost like a best kept secret. In fact, the legalization of the drug has begun in America. You can now buy it and use it for recreational purposes in several states across America. Kanye West freely admitted that his outburst at the music awards a few weeks ago was because he was high. That’s something that would never have happened even a couple years ago. But aside from the argument that marijuana is a fun drug to use, it also has several incredible health benefits.


It Can Prevent Blindness

One of the earliest findings of medical uses for marijuana came from studies into Glaucoma. Glaucoma is a nasty condition where pressure on the eye is increased. This often results in nerve damage and can cause complete loss of vision. But, if marijuana is smoked it reduces the amount of pressure on the eye and can decrease the effects of the disease. If you think that’s incredible, well that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

It Can Halt A Nicotine Addiction

There is a smoking craze that is currently gaining in popularity called dabbing. Using dab tools, smokers heat cannabis oil to a high temperature and smoke it through a pipe. Many people are currently using this form of smoking to satisfy their smoking needs and stop using nicotine cigarettes. So far, there have been no medical problems connected with smoking cannabis this way. Although it should be pointed out, the process can be completed using legal substances as well.

However, that’s not the only reason smokers should try this popular new craze. Scientists have actually discovered that smoking Marijuana could reduce the damage caused by regular smoking. It can even increase your lung capacity. Tell us again, why is it not legal?

It Can Be Used For Cancer Treatment

It’s incredible that we still haven’t found a cure for cancer. Experts actually believe that we have probably destroyed a potential natural cure by cutting down areas of the Amazon rainforest. But at least we can still slow the spread of the disease down and one of the ways is by using, you guessed it, marijuana. A chemical found in the drug stops the activation of a gene that helps cancer cells multiply and spread throughout the body. It has been shown to slow the process of the disease down dramatically.

It Can Decrease Anxiety And Potentially Cure Insomnia  

You may have heard that smoking weed causes paranoia and anxiety issues. That might be an effect you will experience if you smoke the drug in high quantities. However low levels of marijuana actually have the opposite effect. Smoking a joint before bed could lead you to one of the best night’s rests you will ever have in your life. For people with anxiety attacks, this could be incredibly beneficial.

You may think that’s a lot of medical benefits but it’s only a few compared to how many have been found. For instance, marijuana has recently been linked to stopping the development of dementia.