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10 Things You Should Know About Nose Jobs

If you’re thinking of having rhinoplasty, otherwise known as a nose job, there are a few things you should know first. Surgery is a big deal, so read through this post to help you make a decision:

Lola Nose Job

  1. This is a Very Difficult Cosmetic Procedure

Rhinoplasty is one of the hardest procedures. This is why you need a legitimate surgeon who you trust to perform the operation. In some cases, you’ll need autologous rhinoplasty. This is where tissue is taken from other areas of the body to reshape your nose!

  1. One Size Doesn’t Fit All – Be Realistic

You can’t just point out your favorite celebrity’s nose and expect it to be copy and pasted onto you. One size doesn’t fit all, and you need to be realistic about your expectations.

  1. Perfection is Impossible to Achieve

Even with the best surgeon there is, perfection is impossible to achieve. You’ll improve, of course, but it won’t be perfect. You must do your research to make sure you get the best treatment from your surgeon and your clinic.

  1. You’ll Need to Take Time off Work

You’ll need 10 days to 2 weeks off work to heal properly. Even then, you shouldn’t expect to look totally back to normal.

  1. You’ll Bruise and Swell

Bruising and swelling is normal after a nose job. In fact, you’ll probably look like you’ve been beaten up. This will go down in about a week, but you might need to wait longer for it to go away properly.

  1. You Can’t Exercise for a Month Afterwards

Exercise can raise your heart rate and cause bleeding/swelling. If you’re a gym bunny, you’ll need to take about a month off to heal properly.

  1. No Glasses/Sunglasses for a Month After

Glasses and sunglasses can stop your bridge from healing properly, so you’ll need to avoid wearing any kind of glasses for a month afterwards.

  1. Your Voice Might Change Temporarily

Yes, having a nose job can even change your voice for a few weeks/months. You might get an annoying nasal twang for a while. You’ll just need to deal with it!

  1. You Might Not Feel Like You at First

When you first see your new nose, it’s normal to feel a little weird. You might not feel like you at first. Even just a slight change can feel weird. You’ll get used to the results eventually!

  1. Your Whole Life Won’t Change

Your whole life will not change because of this procedure. You might not get that modelling job, a new boyfriend, or a promotion. You can’t pin all of your happiness on this one procedure. Happiness comes from within! Yes, a nose job is a great decision for some people. Yes, it can increase confidence and self esteem. No, it won’t change your whole life. This is why you must have the right attitude and expectations before going through with it.
Would you still like this procedure after reading this post? Surgery should always be a well thought out decision. With the right attitude you’ll be a good candidate for the surgery. See you later!